Sports Venues

Our sports venue services include:

  • Large format all weather audio systems
  • Distributed audio systems
  • Back of house audio systems
  • Large format video systems
  • Distributed digital signage and displays
  • Scoreboard systems
  • Control room audio and video
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Special event support systems
  • Small venue packages
  • Camera and replay systems
  • Training
  • And more!

Modern sports are integrally connected to both the fan and athlete experience. Venues of all sizes use AV systems to ensure that fans are entertained and informed. Many systems focus on the athlete experience for players and potential recruits while other systems focus on back-of-house areas for merchandising and concessions. Essentially, this equates to high-energy sound, large-format videos, and dynamic lighting which are all now an expected part of the overall experience.

In all cases, systems need to be capable of supporting event safety with clear and audible communications. Systems designed primarily for sporting events have to be multifunctional to support special events and concerts in order to maximize the utilization of the facility. Now more than ever, sports-focused venues are expected to have advanced AV capabilities, easy-to-use controls, and high reliability. Auburn AV has extensive experience designing, installing, and repairing sports systems of all sizes.

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