About Us
Our mission statement

“Do great work to unlock a great life”

We know we’re not saving the world here, that our work isn’t sacred, but the people we support, a church delivering a message, that is sacred. And being able to help deliver that message is something that means a lot to us.

Our core values


Our designs are deliberate, preparing you for the future.

We plan, prep, and test to try to eliminate issues ahead of time.


We have a high standard for ourselves and the work we do.

If we screw up, we own it and work until we fix the problem.


We desire an equal partnership with our clients.

We want to be your AV provider for life, and for you to be as excited to work with us as we are to work with you.

Auburn AV has served the eastern half of the USA for over 20 years. We have since expanded to include a second office located in Winterville, North Carolina, and we now provide AV solutions nationwide. While we supply AV needs nationally, we function based on the values of a locally owned and operated business to provide meticulous and authentic care to every customer. We believe that genuine relationships are at the core of our business and provide the best way to serve our clients. We are dedicated to providing innovative services that will best benefit your business, event space, or residence. Our incredible team and sophisticated equipment are why we are at the top of the AV industry and continue to reinvent and think outside of the box.

As your custom AV solutions specialists, our design solutions are created to fit your needs, budget, and your vision.

At Auburn AV, we provide a solution-focused approach based on our relationship with you. We take the time to listen to and evaluate your needs all while incorporating your vision of the big picture to provide you with services that are a positive step towards your goals.

As an audio-visual provider with decades of experience both locally, nationwide, and internationally, we are composed of creative, dedicated, and multi-talented AV experts who are committed to partnering with you.

We understand that in this industry, technology is ever-changing. Our goal is never to simply sell you the latest products. Instead, we make it our mission to build a relationship with you so that you feel comfortable coming back to us for all of your AV needs. Our entire team is constantly making the effort to learn about the latest technology and develop solutions that are long-lasting, user-friendly, simple to operate, safely installed, creatively designed, and tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of the project, our focus is on ensuring you have a positive experience at every step and with every project.

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