How We Work

Our Proven Design-Build Process For Your New System

Our process is built around our commitment to building and maintaining great relationships with our clients. It is a simple formula for long-lasting relationships with clients that first become our colleagues and then in many cases become our friends. We are meticulous in our work ethic, and we aim to deliver a positive experience for everyone involved. This means measuring our performance, engaging with our clients, safely installing equipment, thinking long-term, and supporting our clients after completing a project. Our primary objectives are to make sure that you want to call us back again, and that you tell other people to call us too.

Step 1:   Site Survey

We believe the success of a business-client relationship begins with the first interaction. Whether you have an existing budget or need help developing a realistic budget for your needs, we actively work with you to assess your needs, wants, and any frustrations you may have with your current AV system. In order to develop a viable long-range plan, we start by asking four simple questions that address these areas. We aim to evaluate your initial goals so that our team will always be making the improvements you want us to work towards.

Step 2:  Design-Concept

We are committed to approaching every project with intentionality as we consider both your long-term and short-term goals. We ensure that we are proactive in developing a concept scope and budget based on our initial meeting that will fit your future needs. We develop a long-range plan and create an outline of the scope of work necessary to achieve that plan. Once that is done, we schedule a meeting, in person if possible, to review the plan we have devised.

Step 3:   Client Review

Our second meeting will include a walk-through of our proposed design. As we meet, our team actively listens to your input and questions and discusses any changes you would like made. By the end of the meeting, our goal is to ensure that you are happy with all aspects of the proposed design and that we are clear on any items that need to be revised. We aim to know for certain that we are giving you back a solution that addresses your priorities and fits within your budget. The end result is a revised and finalized proposal that firmly defines the concept, the budget, and any additional items that must be addressed.

Step 4:   Client Sign-Off on Project

Once you are satisfied with the proposed design and price and have confirmed you are ready to move forward with the project, our administrative team begins writing up the paperwork to process your order. We provide a contract that details the overall cost, timeline, and final scope for the project for you to carefully review, sign and return. A 50% deposit is required after the contract has been returned. Once both of these items have been received by a member of our team, we move on to the next step.

Step 5:   Design and Pre-Installation Prep Work

This step begins once the initial deposit and signed contract have been received by our team. At this point, our goal is to be as efficient as possible. To avoid mistakes, full-design paperwork is drawn up and used to verify equipment orders are correct and complete. Once the equipment is verified, it is released for order and estimated dates for arrival are calculated.

Once the ordered equipment has arrived, we schedule two dates with you. The first date is a meeting we schedule with you to review our shop drawings and to coordinate any owner-furnished equipment you may be providing. We also use this time to discuss coordination topics like details of an existing building network (IP ranges, VLANs, etc), site access and storage, schedules of other trades, and other relevant topics.

During the second date, our technicians will hook up and test every piece of equipment to ensure that everything is working properly before we arrive on-site. In most cases, the equipment is assembled as it will be installed so that we can test the way the equipment works together as well as ensure that each item functions on its own. This may include owner-furnished equipment. If necessary, our technicians will also review any issues we uncover with the equipment you may be furnishing to integrate into the new system.

Step 6:   Installation

Your Account Manager will coordinate any specific details with you and will confirm the days we expect to be on-site for the install. Before each deployment, our representative will contact you to discuss progress and provide you the opportunity to voice any concerns or issues. After the deployment, your Account Manager will contact you to ensure that everything went well with our installation team and address any concerns or issues that may have developed to work through to a solution.

Throughout the installation process, our team works meticulously to ensure every piece of equipment is installed properly and safely. Depending on how big the project is and the overall timeline of the project, we may invoice progress payments as portions of the installation are completed. For smaller or quicker projects we may just invoice the balance at the end. Once the installation phase is complete, we will schedule a meeting to conduct a final walk-through to identify and resolve any remaining items and ensure the new system is functionally complete.

Step 7:   Sign-Off & Final Invoice

We will conduct and/or schedule one or more training sessions to ensure you and your team feel confident in operating your new system. Both you and your account manager will need to sign off to confirm that the project is complete. The return trip for the end of warranty check-out will also be scheduled at this time. This meeting is to verify all equipment is working and provide certain maintenance tasks included in warranty coverage such as cleaning filters and updating firmware. Once you are completely satisfied with your new system, our administrative team will send over an invoice for the remaining balance.

Step 8:   Service Warranty

A one-year installation warranty is included as part of all of our design-build installations. We also offer extended warranty and defined service plans. The basic warranty covers any defects of workmanship as well as the labor to execute necessary repairs and/or replacements. All equipment is warranted by the equipment manufacturer through our standard warranty and the timeline of each item can vary greatly. To help with that, we facilitate registering product warranties with each manufacturer when registration is necessary. Extended warranty and defined service plans are negotiated individually and generally go beyond the standard warranty service to provide expedited response times, discounted labor rates for non-warranty repairs, and even backup equipment.

Recent Projects

Streaming and Camera System

Sardis United Methodist Church wanted to start live streaming their service to Facebook. We installed three different cameras, ensuring all angles of the sanctuary would be covered.

City Council Chamber Audio System

For this project, our objective was to update an aging audio system. The client was looking for simple vocal reproduction delivered in a budget-friendly solution.

Sanctuary Audio System

First United Methodist Church in Prattville wanted a full audio upgrade with their sanctuary renovation and we were up for the challenge!

Esports Game Room

Frank Brown Rec Center has long been a favorite after-school hangout for the kids of Auburn, and now, it’s getting even better with the addition of an Esports Gaming Room.

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