We believe that your audio system should be tailored to best fit your unique goals. We aim to provide custom audio systems that will deliver your message with clarity and create a lasting impact. That is why we work alongside you to develop a plan that fits your needs all while providing you with a finished system that you understand and are trained and excited to use.

At Auburn AV, we specialize in designing solutions to fit your needs. We believe that audio experiences and solutions contribute to the strong foundation of any worship service, business meeting, performance, event, and even life at home. In addition, our knowledgeable audio technicians are able to assist you with troubleshooting problems, correcting issues, and training your team, even if it is with a system we did not provide.

Audio Categories

Wired Mics

Cost-effective and reliable, a wired microphone is a staple in every audio system.

Wireless Mics

Need more flexibility in your audio setup? Choose a wireless microphone and ditch the messy cables!

Monitor Speakers

Speakers designed to be used on stage for band members.

Main Speakers

The main speaker system that covers the majority of the audience. These speakers are generally arranged in hanging clusters.


The device that provides power (and frequently processing as well) to the speakers.


A device that helps us dial in the best audio settings to fit the construction of the room.


While not necessarily needed for simple vocal amplification, adding in subwoofers to your system will give a richer, fuller sound, and greatly improve the quality of music.

Recent Projects

Streaming and Camera System

Sardis United Methodist Church wanted to start live streaming their service to Facebook. We installed three different cameras, ensuring all angles of the sanctuary would be covered.

City Council Chamber Audio System

For this project, our objective was to update an aging audio system. The client was looking for simple vocal reproduction delivered in a budget-friendly solution.

Sanctuary Audio System

First United Methodist Church in Prattville wanted a full audio upgrade with their sanctuary renovation and we were up for the challenge!

Esports Game Room

Frank Brown Rec Center has long been a favorite after-school hangout for the kids of Auburn, and now, it’s getting even better with the addition of an Esports Gaming Room.

How We Work

Auburn AV is your go-to when it comes to having a trusted partner. We are committed to building and maintaining relationships with all of our clients. Learn more about this proven-to-work process and start the long-term relationship to success!

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