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John "JC" Crawford:

Head Janitor

John Crawford is the variegated and somewhat voracious visionary for Auburn AV. For those who don't know much about EOS (TM), a Visionary is a person who tries to point the ship in the right direction while staying out of the way of the people who actually make the ship get to where it is going. He is also one of the few engineers that can also speak English as normal humans do; however, that doesn't mean he won't go dancing delightedly through the wild and wooly weeds of technobabble when called upon...or sometimes not called upon. All that said, he is an excellent designer of AVL systems, a mediocre manager, and a superlative smoker of meats. He is also dedicated to the art of relentless incrementalism with the goal of intentional improvement. As a side note, he was (before he got fatter, furrier, and less flexible) a ballet danseur and gymnast, avid beach volleyball player, Auburn University Men's Soccer Club Goalkeeper, and event DJ. Now he still plays, coaches, and refs soccer as often as possible and remains an ardent admirer of artful alliteration and entendre.

He is married to the lovely and distinguished Dr. Alleah Crawford PhD., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Full Professor for the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University College of Human Sciences. They have two mostly wonderful children and three ridiculous dogs.


Bachelors in Computer Engineering - Auburn University


Certified Church Consultant Training -- National Association of Church Design Builders CCC Faculty
Seeds of Change - AVL Planning for a New Church Project - Seminar -- Wesley Community Development Corporation
Service Quality for AV Professionals - Seminar - Infocomm/NSCA
AV for the Hospitality Professional - Guest Lecture - East Carolina University
Environmental Projection with Stacking Projectors - Seminar - Worship Facilities Expo Reach Conference


EOS Visionary
Extron Control Professional
Certified Church Consultant
National Association of Church Design Builders
Certified Technology Specialist
Certified Systems Installer
National Systems Contractor Association
THX Certified Professional
United States Soccer Federation
United States Soccer Federation
Rifleman -- Expert Marksman -- Revolutionary War Veterans Association Appleseed Project


FSR Flex Control
Media Matrix/Nion DSP
Symetrix DSP
Biamp DSP

Recent Projects

Streaming and Camera System

Sardis United Methodist Church wanted to start live streaming their service to Facebook. We installed three different cameras, ensuring all angles of the sanctuary would be covered.

City Council Chamber Audio System

For this project, our objective was to update an aging audio system. The client was looking for simple vocal reproduction delivered in a budget-friendly solution.

Sanctuary Audio System

First United Methodist Church in Prattville wanted a full audio upgrade with their sanctuary renovation and we were up for the challenge!

Esports Game Room

Frank Brown Rec Center has long been a favorite after-school hangout for the kids of Auburn, and now, it’s getting even better with the addition of an Esports Gaming Room.

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