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The transmission of live audio and visual data is becoming more and more common, especially since the pandemic. Media, live events, corporate offices, and other businesses are choosing to transmit audio and video via network infrastructure to improve the overall consumer experience. This technology is very flexible and provides many new opportunities for businesses when used effectively in broadcasts, webcasting or other events.

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The following is an excerpt from a resource paper written by John Crawford.

Lighting Systems

For AVL purposes, “Lighting Systems” generally encompass any stage lighting, special effects lighting, or house/building lighting that can be controlled using the primary lighting controller which is usually located in a control booth.

Sometimes these systems are under the purview of the Electrical Contractor and AVL wants to grab control of them, and sometimes they are under the AVL umbrella start to finish. For planning purposes make sure that the AVL contractor and the Electrical Contractor are not providing equipment or lighting that is redundant or duplicated. Even the most basic of lighting systems should be reviewed by the AVL Designer/Contractor since simple things like how lights are zoned/grouped, where controls are located, how the system can be expanded or controlled later, and similar low tech but important items can have a significant impact on the overall end result as well as future use options.

Good sound not only sets the atmosphere for any setting, but can also affect how an attendee or employee feels. It’s no secret that information retention is significantly greater when presented by visual and audio means. Audio provides many benefits for use in business, including interactive communication and enhanced engagement. The proper use of high quality audio equipment is critical to transform an experience at a conference, workshop or any other kind of event.


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