Recent Projects

For this project, our objective was to update an aging audio system. The client was looking for simple vocal reproduction delivered in a budget-friendly solution. At the same time, they were also redesigning the room: getting new seating for the audience, replacing the carpet with hardwood, and building a new dais with a granite countertop. We worked closely with the construction crew to make sure the changes to the room would fit with our new equipment layout.

The council members would be getting eight new gooseneck microphones with shock absorbers that mount down into the granite countertop, along with two dedicated dais speakers aesthetically hidden behind the overhang. Their old audio mixer used to be inset into the side of the dais, but we moved all the equipment to a nearby closet and ran new audio lines to all locations. Two speakers give coverage for the audience, and three handheld wireless microphones are available for guest speakers. In the equipment closet, we have a new Middle Atlantic rack, and a wall-mounted volume control for the speaker system. The Symetrix is a digital signal processor that automatically mixes incoming audio signals to provide the clearest output possible.

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