Church Events

Celebrate the joy of Christmas! Rejoice in the redemption of Easter! Captivate your audience, whatever the day, and grow the Kingdom through the power of the story.

Showcase your choir’s talent. Have a concert.
Raise funding & awareness. Have a guest speaker.

No matter what your vision or need, we are THE experts in Church AV.

Corporate Events

Gathering top executives, thanking clients, training staff, or wowing investors?
Whatever your corporate event, we know it has unique needs.

Auburn AV has the flexibility, creativity and professionalism to make sure everything goes according to your plan and the experience and expertise to adapt to your plan B. Our goal is to maximize your ROI. And in doing so, earn your business for the next event, and all that follow.

High School Events

Your students want it dark, music slamming. Your boss wants it well lit, kids behaving. What are you supposed to do?

We blend the seemingly opposite desires of security and safety with ambiance and fun. With us, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Our state-of-the-art equipment, creative flair, and healthy dose of experience can transform a boring cafeteria, gym, or civic center into an experience worthy of the cover charge. Your boss is happy, your students are happy, and you have less to do. Perfect.

Sporting Events

The crowd is roaring.
The fans are on their feet.
Magnify their passion.
Focus their attention.
Cue fog!
Cue lights!
Lasers on three…two…one…go!
Your sponsors are in awe!
The fans go crazy!
The players are jacked!
The recruits are dreaming of their chance…

Special Events

Your special event serves a purpose. It may be to promote, to honor, to perform, to support, or to profit, but your work to create your event is driven by your purpose.

We can help.

We take away the hassle and we don’t create extra work for you. Our reputation for reliability and success means you don’t worry when your curtain goes up. Your curtain goes up on time, on budget, and as promised.


Your wedding is your dream come true. It is a timeless moment, an image of perfection, uniquely yours. Without hassle, without worry, we work behind the scenes to ensure that every light, every sound, every aspect is the perfect backdrop for your perfect day.

Your vision. Our design. Your wedding: timeless and beautiful.