Our People

Chris Niswender


Chris is President & co-founder of Auburn AV. He is the caretaker of the company. He ensures we stay grounded, that our people’s needs are cared for, and that

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in every circumstance we are keeping our promises. He ensures that we don’t bite off more than we can chew, and that when we do make a mistake it is addressed and corrected with resolve. Chris has extensive experience in management, yet he left his corporate career to build a company that reflects his emphasis on family and character. Chris runs the Opelika, Al branch of Auburn AV.

B.S. in Business Administration, Auburn University
A.S. in Business Administration, South Georgia College

John Crawford


John is the CEO & co-founder of Auburn AV. He often provides the strategic vision of the company. Relentless in his drive for improving our capabilities and

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performance, he ensures we always push forward and never settle for what is comfortable. He wants to make sure we always have a full plate of new opportunities and new challenges we can learn from. He is determined to evolve Auburn AV into a great company. After college, John opted to build a company reflect ing his emphasis on family and quality rather than pursue other career opportunities in engineering. John runs the Greenville, NC branch of Auburn AV.

B.S.E. in Computer Engineering, Auburn University
A.S. in Physics, South Georgia College

Ricky Clark


Ricky is the man to talk to when you need something done. He holds the keys to the schedule, to purchase orders, invoices, and the operational lifeblood of our

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company. He is the king of the paper trail. Courteous, diligent, and thorough, Ricky has a wealth of experience gathered over 25 years of work in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Human Resources, and Taxation.

B.A. in Business Accounting, University of Phoenix

Stephani Doran


Stephani is the pleasant voice on the other end of the line and she is the first responder for customer service. Her role is to professionally assess your need

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and ensure that you are connected to the person who will help you best . She also performs the unheralded but vital work of data entry, order tracking and shipping.

Neal Niswender


Neal covers Auburn, Alabama east to Columbus, Georgia and south to Tallassee, Alabama. Neal has extensive sales and customer service experience and has

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received Top Salesman of the Year, Salesman of the Month, and various Customer Service Excellence Awards. He has also received the District Trainer Award. All of this recognition has come from his dedication to quality service, diligence in following through, and a positive spirit.


Russ Britt


Russ has extensive experience across a wide range of useful areas, but most importantly he builds relationships.  He was a professional photographer for many years

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which gives him great insight into lighting and video.  He repaired copiers and office equipment which helped him learn effective troubleshooting and the importance of client support.  He owned his own studio business which has given him great insight into sales, service, and the importance of building relationships.  Russ is there to get you the help you need when you need it.

Lindsey Middleton


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Michael Willis


Mike is the man that gets the job done right . Whether it is a permanent installation or a special event, he has the drive to push through adversity and the inevitable

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challenges we face every day. He is committed to safety and understands where to draw the line on pushing the limits. His character is above reproach and his experience is extensive.

Audio Engineering Diploma, School of Audio Engineering (Nashville Campus)
CTSCSIEagle Scout

JW Woodard


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Johnny Saylor


Johnny is the co-owner of One Stop Creative Promotional Solutions, a Christian firm specializing in promotional items, apparel, and events. Johnny and One Stop CPS

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work in conjunction with Auburn AV to bring the highest level of service and expertise to clients across South Georgia. Operating from locations in Douglas and Waycross, Johnny provides our clients with a total solution for promotional needs. He is also an expert in creative event lighting, and is the creative mastermind behind many of the events we serve in South Georgia. We are proud of and humbled by our alliance with One Stop CPS, and we work to live up to their standard of excellence.

B.S. in Business, University of Georgia
OneStopEagle Scout