National Association of Church Design-Builders

National Association of Church Design-Builders (NACDB)

The National Association of Church Design Builders was established to create a nationwide association of firms committed to becoming specialists in consulting, designing and building church facilities that focus on the ministry needs and styles of churches they serve. We exist to educate local churches in evaluating their needs regarding buying, building, expanding, remodeling or leasing facilities.

Member InfoComm International

InfoComm International

InfoComm International is the leading voice promoting the audio-visual industry. InfoComm provides information about the AV industry to the public, including students, jobseekers and more, communicates outreach opportunities to members, testifies before state legislatures, provides information on the industry to Congress, disseminates industry statistics and more.

Audio Video Service Provider (Emerald Level)

Audio Visual Service Provider (Emerald Level)

The AVSB designation is a recognition of professionalism and expertise achieved through professional development, training and continuously updated certification for employees. AVSP companies have also agreed to comply with 10 Standards of Excellence that were developed in collaboration with industry experts to emphasize the best practices of AV businesses. The Standards of Excellence are a guidepost for AV companies and professionals who place the customer first and offer quality AV solutions.

National Systems Contractor Association

National Systems Contractor Association (NSCA)

NSCA is the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial electronic systems industry. With a slate of more than 2,500 member companies worldwide, the National Systems Contractors Association is a powerful advocate of all who work within the low-voltage industry, including systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, consultants, sales representatives, architects, specifying engineers and other allied professionals.

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Certified Church Consultant

Certified Church Consultant (CCC)

The CCC program is designed to help facilitate the education of professionals and staff in becoming church development experts. Certification is awarded to members after an intensive multi-day training session featuring nationally-recognized leaders in church lending, stewardship, facilities management , architecture, construction and project management. In addition, candidates are required to write a thesis creating expansion solutions for a church building scenario and pass a written exam. Members are originally certified for a two-year period with annual refresher courses that extend certification by 2 years.

Certified Systems Installer

Certified Systems Installer (C-SI)

The C-SI designation is designed for professionals with at least one year of industry work experience. These ideal candidates are responsible for the installation of electronic communications equipment and infrastructure, including cable, fiber optics and electronic devices.

Certified Technology Specialist

Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)

A CTS performs general technology solution tasks by creating, operating and servicing AV solutions, while conducting AV management activities which provide for the best audio-visual resolutions of the client’s needs, both on time and within budget. Ongoing professional education is required to maintain the credentials at any level. A certification is valid for three years. Certified individuals must earn 30 renewal units (RUs) within each three-year period, remain in good standing, and abide by the CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct.



For more than 35 years, Syn-Aud-Con has been devoted to providing practical, in-depth training seminars on the principles of audio and acoustics. Auburn AV is not alone in considering Syn-Aud-Con seminars to be the best available in the AV industry. Seminar Topics that Auburn AV staff have attended include Core Principles of Audio, Sound Reinforcement for Technicians, Sound Reinforcement for Designers, Acoustic Test and Measurement, EQ, Hums, Buzzes, and things that go “Zap”.

THX Certified Home Theater Technician Level 2

THX Home Theater Level 2

A THX Professional with Home Theater Level 2 certification has advanced knowledge on room acoustics and design, wall treatments and isolation, & AV hardware selection and placement. At this level, you will find a professional with the necessary skills to design & setup your complete home theater audio system.

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